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Jiwu Shu

Professor, IEEE Fellow, 长江学者,杰青
email: shujw at tsinghua dot edu dot cn

Youyou Lu

Associate Professor, 优青
email: luyouyou at tsinghua dot edu dot cn

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Youmin Chen

Start in 2021.

Dr. Xiaojian Liao

Start in 2022.

Dr. Yuhao Zhang

Start in 2022.

Dr. Qing Wang

Start in 2023.

Dr. Hao Lan

Start in 2023.


Zhe Yang

Ph.D (Start in 2018).

Minhui Xie

Ph.D (Start in 2019).

Wenhao Lv

Ph.D (Start in 2019).

Jing Wang

Ph.D (Start in 2019).

Junru Li

Ph.D (Start in 2019).

Jiazhen Lin

Ph.D (Start in 2020).

Bin Yan

Ph.D (Start in 2020).

Jian Gao

Ph.D (Start in 2020).

Yangyang Feng

Ph.D (Start in 2021).

Shaoxun Zeng

Ph.D (Start in 2021).

Jian Chen

Ph.D (Start in 2021).

Yaolong Wang

Ph.D (Start in 2021).

Zijie Tian

Master (Start in 2021).

Shujie Zhang

Ph.D (Start in 2022).

Yitian Yang

Ph.D (Start in 2022).

Zeqi Li

Ph.D (Start in 2022).

Hao Guo

Ph.D (Start in 2023).

Ruwen Fan

Ph.D (Start in 2023).

Shiwei Gao

Ph.D (Start in 2023).

Jiyuan Chen

Master (Start in 2023).

Haodi Jiang

Ph.D (Start in 2024).

Tianao Yang

Ph.D (Start in 2024).

Runhua Bian

Ph.D (Start in 2024).

Zheng Du

Eng.D (Start in 2018).

Zhuo Cheng

Eng.D (Start in 2020).

Xianqiang Luo

Eng.D (Start in 2021).

Jiadong Yang

Eng.D (Start in 2022).


Recipients of Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of Tsinghua University

Dr. Guangyan Zhang

Graduated in 2008, now at Tsinghua University.

Dr. Mingqiang Li

Graduated in 2011, now at Huawei.

Dr. Youyou Lu

Graduated in 2014, now at Tsinghua University.

Dr. Zhirong Shen

Graduated in 2015, now at Xiamen University.

Dr. Youmin Chen

Graduated in 2021, now at Tsinghua University (postdoc).

Dr. Xiaojian Liao

Graduated in 2022, now at Tsinghua University (postdoc).

Dr. Qing Wang

Graduated in 2023, now at Tsinghua University (postdoc).

Recipients of Excellent Master Dissertation Award of Tsinghua University

Bing Wang (2003)

Jun Yao (2003)

Rui Yan (2005)

Ran Meng (2005)

Bing Yu(2006)

Yang Wang(2006)

Mao Xue(2011)

Wei Wang(2014)

Long Sun (2015)

All Alumni

Name Date After Graduation
Qing Wang Ph.D. 2023 now postdoc at Tsinghua.
Shuo Wang Postdoc 2022 now co-founder of LeapIO
Congming Gao Postdoc 2022 now associate professor of the School of Informatics at Xiamen University
Xiaojian Liao Ph.D. 2022 now postdoc at Tsinghua.
Fan Yang Ph.D. 2022 now at Huawei.
Kedong Fang Master 2022 now at Huawei.
Bohong Zhu Master 2022 now Ph.D. at Xiamen University.
Pei Chen Master 2021 now at Huawei.
Shengan Zheng Postdoc 2021 now assistant professor at SJTU.
Youmin Chen Ph.D. 2021 now postdoc at Tsinghua.
Xiyan Xu Master 2021
Haiyu Mao Ph.D. 2020 Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate in Beijing, now postdoc at ETH working with Onur Mutlu
Fei Li Master 2020 Outstanding Master Graduate in Tsinghua CS Department
Zhe Liu Master 2020
Zejun Shi Master 2019
Longhua Wang Master 2019 Alibaba
Jiacheng Zhang Ph.D. 2018 Tencent
Binbin Wang Master 2018
Hongbin Zhang Ph.D. 2017
Shuhan Cheng Ph.D. 2017 The Agricultural Bank of China
Xiongjun Qin Master 2017 FreeWheel
Kaisheng Zeng Master 2017
Shengmei Luo Ph.D. 2016
Zhirong Shen Ph.D. 2015 now associate professor of the School of Informatics at Xiamen University
Long Sun Master 2015
Youyou Lu Ph.D. 2014 now associate professor at Tsinghua
Wei Wang Master 2014
Yingxun Fu Ph.D. 2014 North China University of Technology
Xiaolin Guo Master 2012
Mingqiang Li Ph.D. 2011 Huawei
Mao Xue Master 2011
Kai Qian Master 2011
Lei Wang Master 2010
Wenjing Zheng Master 2010
Yang Liu Master 2010
Xiaojia Xiang Master 2009
Guangyan Zhang Ph.D. 2008 now associate professor at Tsinghua
Da Xiao Ph.D. 2008
Deshui Yu Master 2007
Bing Yu Master 2006
Yang Wang Master 2006 now associate professor at Ohio State University
Rongrong Huang Master 2006
Junfei Wang Master 2006
Weijia Li Master 2006
Kun Liu Master 2006
Yifeng Luo Master 2006
Jun Luo Master 2005
Rui Yan Master 2005
Ran Meng Master 2005
Bing Wang Master 2003
Jun Yao Master 2003