Youyou Lu

Assistant Professor

Storage Research Group

Department of Computer Science and Technology

Tsinghua University

Room 8-210, East Main Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Email: luyouyou AT tsinghua dot edu dot cn

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Tsinghua University. Before that, I worked as a postdoc researcher (assistant researcher) at Tsinghua. I recieved my Ph.D degree (supvervised by Prof. Jiwu Shu) from Tsinghua University in 2015, and Bachelor degree from Nanjing University in 2009. My research interest is in the area of storage and file systems, with an emphasis on non-volatile memories and file systems.

本人招收博士后 1 名,2020级直博生 1 名,欢迎对计算机存储系统(文件系统、存储系统、分布式系统、新型存储体系结构、大数据存储等) 感兴趣的同学与我联系。实验室另有若干博士后/客座研究生名额,感兴趣的同学也可联系我。

Several Ph.D (including but not limited to SIPS Ph.D program and Postdoc positions are available. If you are interested in computer system or computer architecture, please contact me.


Flash Storage Systems

  • Software Managed Flash: Re-architect the Flash Storage System
  • TxSSD: Efficient Transactions on Flash-based SSDs

In-Memory Storage

  • Transactional Persistent Memory: Crash Consistency in Persistent Memory
  • Persistent Memory File Systems
  • Distributed Persistent Memory

Selected Publications

Full publication lists

  • Kernel/User-level Collaborative Persistent Memory File System with Efficiency and Protection.
    Youmin Chen, Youyou Lu, Bohong Zhu, Jiwu Shu,
    (arXiv), 2019
  • Mitigating Synchronous I/O Overhead in File Systems on Open-Channel SSDs.
    Youyou Lu, Jiwu Shu, Jiacheng Zhang,
    ACM Transactions on Storage (TOS), 2019
  • OCStore: Accelerating Distributed Object Storage with Open-Channel SSDs.
    Youyou Lu, Jiacheng Zhang, Zhe Yang, Jiwu Shu,
    The 39th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS'19), 2019
  • Cognitive SSD: A Deep Learning Engine for Energy-Efficient Data Retrieval.
    Shengwen Liang, Ying Wang, Youyou Lu, Zhe Yang, Huawei Li, Xiaowei Li,
    USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC'19), 2019
  • No Compromises: Secure NVM with Crash Consistency, Write-Efficiency and High-Performance.
    Fan Yang, Youyou Lu, Youmin Chen, Haiyu Mao, Jiwu Shu,
    Design Automation Conference (DAC'19), 2019
  • ASCache: An Approximate SSD Cache for Error-Tolerant Applications.
    Fei Li, Youyou Lu, Zhongjie Wu, Jiwu Shu,
    Design Automation Conference (DAC'19), 2019
  • Scalable RDMA RPC on Reliable Connection with Efficient Resource Sharing.
    Youmin Chen, Youyou Lu, Jiwu Shu,
    Proceedings of the Fourteenth EuroSys Conference (Eurosys'19), 2019
  • Locofs: A loosely-coupled metadata service for distributed file systems.
    Siyang Li, Youyou Lu, Jiwu Shu, Yang Hu, Tao Li,
    Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis (SC'17), 2017
  • Octopus: an RDMA-enabled Distributed Persistent Memory File System.
    Youyou Lu, Jiwu Shu, Youmin Chen, Tao Li,
    USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC'17), 2017
  • A high performance file system for non-volatile main memory.
    Jiaxin Ou, Jiwu Shu, Youyou Lu,
    Proceedings of the Eleventh European Conference on Computer Systems (Eurosys'16), 2016
  • ParaFS: A log-structured file system to exploit the internal parallelism of flash devices.
    Jiacheng Zhang, Jiwu Shu, Youyou Lu,
    USENIX Annual Technical Conference (USENIX ATC'16), 2016
  • Blurred persistence in transactional persistent memory.
    Youyou Lu, Jiwu Shu, Long Sun,
    31st Symposium on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST'15), 2015
  • Loose-ordering consistency for persistent memory.
    Youyou Lu, Jiwu Shu, Long Sun, Onur Mutlu,
    IEEE 32nd International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD'14), 2014
  • ReconFS: A reconstructable file system on flash storage.
    Youyou Lu, Jiwu Shu, Wei Wang,
    Proceedings of the 12th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST'14), 2014
  • Extending the lifetime of flash-based storage through reducing write amplification from file systems.
    Youyou Lu, Jiwu Shu, Weimin Zheng,
    Proceedings of the 12th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST'13), 2013

Honors Awarded

  • 2017: Excellent Postdoctoral Research Award of Tsinghua University
  • 2016: CCF Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award (中国计算机学会优秀博士学位论文奖)
  • 2015: Young Elite Scientists Sponsorship Program by CAST (中国科协青年人才托举工程)
  • 2015: MSST 2015 Best Paper Runner-Up
  • 2014: IEEE NVMSA 2014 Best Paper Award

Professional Services

Program Commitee

APSys 2018, NVMSA 2018, ChinaSys 2018, ACA 2018 (National Computer Architecture Conference), NCIS 2017 (National Conference on Information Storage).


HPDC 2018, CCGrid 2018, ACM Transactions on Storage (ToS), IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD), Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC), 中国科学,软件学报

ICCD 2017, LCTES 2017, NAS 2017, ACM Transactions on Storage (ToS), Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC), Journal of Network and Computer (JNCA)

2016 and before: FAST, MSST, IPDPS, ICPP, PACT, Cluster, DCC (Data Compression Conference), … ACM Transactions on Storage (ToS), IEEE Computer (Computer), IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC), IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), ACM Transactions on Embedded Computer Systems (TECS), ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO), …